Advanced Critical Care Transport



OptimuMedicine pioneered the Advanced Critical Care Transport (A-CCT) model in the Las Vegas valley. All of our A-CCT units are staffed with three highly trained clinicians including an EMT/AEMT, Paramedic, and EMS-RN. Staffing the ambulance in this configuration allows the treatments started in the hospital to be continued throughout transport uninterrupted. To accomplish this all of our EMS-RNs come from critical care hospital roles such as ER or ICU and our paramedics have critical care flight or ground operations experience. Our commitment to require two providers with the patient during transport lends an additional set of eyes and foster a team based care environment. We own and operate several Type 1 ambulances which are all equipped state of the art technology including a ZOLL X monitor, Hamilton T1 ventilator, CMAC video laryngoscope, and two Minimed IV infusion pumps. This allows us to provide the highest level of care during inter-facility transfers and equips our highly trained clinicians with the tools necessary to keep your loved one safe.