At OptimuMedicine, our mission is to provide excellent care to each patient we encounter, relevant and timely education to each of our students, and model integrity with every interaction.

OptimuMedicine was founded in 2017 by a group of nurses, nurse practitioners, paramedics, and a physician who desired to improve the overall quality of healthcare in the communities they served by first improving prehospital and interfacility transport and then bridging the gap from the ED to the ICU. We strive to embody the best elements of transport, emergency, and critical care medicine in everything that we do. Our founders know that the staff of any organization is vital to success. We make sure that we keep this fact in mind with every decision that we make at OptimuMedicine. We are obsessed with company culture and feel that selecting personnel who are the “right fit” will allow us to become the type of organization where employees genuinely look forward to coming in to work. This mentality is infectious! We believe that this will ensure that our patients receive the best care possible and the community will receive maximum benefit from our services. The fact that we are able to hire and retain the “right” employees means that we are able to empower our employees with the ability to make decisions. This allows for our line staff to be their own logisticians, removing the need to receive approval for routine problem solving. Our clinicians, who often have the best insight to a situation, are able to quickly and efficiently resolve conflicts they may encounter when providing patient or customer care.

In addition to company culture, as outlined in our attached “Identity Statement”, we pride ourselves in the compensation we provide to our employees. We believe that paramedics and nurses should be able to make a living providing their invaluable service to their community. The fact that we compensate our employees in the manner that we do, ensures that we are able to attract the best talent and provide the best service to each patient and customer. We have the crazy idea that we will hire the right employees and then retain them through treating them in the way that we all want to be treated.

Finally, our education and training are the best in the industry. Employees are required to participate in yearly cadaver, airway, ventilation, and patient scenario-based labs in order to ensure competency in these vital areas of practice. At OptimuMedicine, we are committed to elevating healthcare with both our preparation and execution of patient and customer care.

Innovation is change that unlocks new value.
— Jamie Notter